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Franklin Pierce – New Hampshire

Franklin Pierce was America’s fourteenth president and served from 1853 to 1857.   The Pierce home in Hillsborough, New Hampshire is one of two homes preserved for President Pierce.  He was a Northern Democrat who, after serving in the House of Representatives and Senate, won the party’s nomination for president on the 49th ballot at the Baltimore convention.

His boyhood home stands in Hillsborough, New Hampshire simply at a crossroads of two highways.  Pierce’s father served as a lieutenant in the Revolution and later became New Hampshire’s governor.  The home itself was used as the family house, a law office and also a saloon.  It is built very close to the road given the New Hampshire winters and the need to shovel snow!

Hillsborough Pierce

Pierce Homestead, Hillsborough New Hampshire

Pierce Manse is the only home that Franklin Pierce and his wife Jane ever owned, living here from 1842 – 1848 (Jane while Franklin was in Mexico serving as Brigadier General in the US Army).

Pierce died at Pierce Mansion in 1869, a home that burned to the ground in 1983.  Pierce is considered an ineffectual president, typically ranking towards the bottom of the list of 44.  His personal life was equally depressing.  He and his wife Jane had four sons, all of whom died before Pierce entered the White House.  The President was rumored to have died an alcoholic in 1869.

– Amy

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