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John F. Kennedy – Boston, Massachusetts

John Fitzgerald Kennedy was our thirty-fifth President of the United States.  He was born and raised until age three at this home in Brookline, Massachusetts.  In 1920, with three small children, the family sold the Brookline home and moved to a larger house in the same neighborhood.

The home became a National Historic Site in 1967.

The John F. Kennedy Library and Museum is located on Columbia Point in the Dorchester area of Boston, Massachusetts.  The institution was dedicated by President Jimmy Carter in 1979.

JFK Library

John F. Kennedy, Museum and Library

Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the U.S. Senate

Next, to his brother’s library sits the Edward M. Kennedy Institute for the United States Senate, an educational institution created in the late politician’s name to teach the public about the important role the Senate plays in our government.  As an organization, the Institute pursued programs that encourage civic dialogue and participatory democracy, building our next generation leaders.

Kennedy Senate

Edward M. Kennedy, Institute for the U.S. Senate

– Amy

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