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Theodore Roosevelt – New York

Sagamore Hill, Oyster Bay Long Island

Theodore Roosevelt built his home on Oyster Bay, Long Island.  After losing his first wife, Roosevelt left his infant daughter with his sister and moved west to the Dakota Territory where he ranched, served as deputy sheriff and wrote books and articles about frontier life.

Upon returning from the Dakota Territory, Roosevelt remarried and completed construction on the house at Sagamore Hill.  Other than the time spent in the White House as our twenty-sixth POTUS, Roosevelt lived in this house from 1885 until his death in 1919.

Teddy Roosevelt Inaugural Site, Buffalo New York

Theodore Roosevelt became America’s twenty-sixth POTUS upon the death of President McKinley on September 14, 1901.  McKinley had been at the Pan – American Exposition in Buffalo, New York when he was shot by Leon Czolgosz.  Czolgosz was interested in anarchism which I will put on my list of “things to research.”  Look for a blog soon.

Roosevelt took the oath of office in the home of a friend, Ansley Wilcox near the site of the Exposition.  It is now a site maintained by the National Park Service.

TR Inaugural Site

Inaugural Site, Buffalo New York


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