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Henry Clay – Lexington, Kentucky

Henry Clay was perhaps the most consequential mid nineteenth-century diplomat and politician who was not a United States president.   He served as Speaker of the House, Secretary of State under President John Quincy Adams and Senator from Kentucky.   But he is also considered the founder of the Whig Party, one of the two major parties during the 2nd Party System.

Senator Clay was known for brokering compromises, some of which delayed the Civil War.  The Compromise of 1850 brokered a deal between free and slave states on how to handle territories won during the Mexican War.   The Compromise allayed sectional tensions between north and south for a decade, during which the north gained the industrial capabilities that it later used to defeat the Confederacy (or at least that is the credit to whom historians have given Clay).

Ashland is located in Lexington, Kentucky.



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