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Martin Van Buren – Kinderhook, New York

Martin Van Buren was America’s eighth POTUS, serving after Andrew Jackson’s two terms from 1837 – 1841.  Van Buren was Jackson’s Secretary of State in his first administration and his vice president in his second.  He was a founding member of the Democratic Party.  While Jackson gets the credit for being the “founder,” it was really Van Buren and a few Jackson newspaper editors who created and managed the party apparatus in the early days.

Van Buren ran intending to continue  Jackson’s policies but was soon met with an economic crisis in the Panic of 1837, from which he was unable to recover.   He did continue the Indian removal policies started under Jackson and in fact, the Trail of Tears occurred under Van Buren.

Van Buren won renomination in 1840 but lost to the Whig ticket headed by William Henry Harrison.  He attempted to return to the White House in future election cycles but it was not meant to be.  He retired to his Kinderhook home.


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