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Month: October 2017

An American Reformation: Politics

Brian Williams has made a comeback.  After losing his spot as NBC Nightly News host and a self-imposed exile due to exaggerated and boastful reporting, Williams scored a late-night gig […]

21st Century Feminism

Like so many things, feminism has baffled me, specifically, why the word and movement seem to carry such a negative connotation – in 2017.  It is silly, really.  I have […]

The Legacy of Vietnam

Lessons Learned from Vietnam Much has been written about the lessons learned from Vietnam.  Military leaders now have “doctrines” they use to define when and where the United States should […]

The Vietnam War: Who is to Blame?

Once it became clear that America had lost the war, the reasons for the failure had to be rationalized and explained.  Fortunately, there were plenty of boogeymen available to take […]

The Vietnam War: 1954 to 2017

Vietnam’s Relevance We typically think of historical events as just that – history.  Sure, there are those sayings, “if we do not understand and learn history we are doomed to […]

The Vietnam War Was Different

The Vietnam War Was a Unique American Experience Going forward, my references to ‘Vietnam,’ go beyond the war and its mission.  Obviously, you cannot study the Vietnam War without understanding […]

What Do the Democrats Stand For?

Sunday, Governor Kasich (R-OH) was interviewed on CNN.  I missed the interview, but read the highlights online.  The headline was, “If GOP can’t be ‘fixed,’ I can’t support it.”   […]

Puerto Rico – Our 51st State?

This summer, my nephew became interested in collecting state quarters.  When she was a kid, my sister collected baseball cards and stamps, so perhaps this early interest is in his […]