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Initial Reactions

I would love to understand AG Barr’s thought processes these last few weeks. His public statements about this report, while not outright lies, were incredibly “misleading.” I continue to work my way through the report and with every page, I get sadder. It’s clear that this man spent most of the first year of his presidency:

a) attempting to repeal Obamacare when the “replacement” would result in double-digit millions of people losing access to healthcare & the potential of numerous rural hospital closures.

b) passing a tax bill that has so far, done nothing for the working classes he purported to champion & will lead to another what? Trillion dollars of debt in the next 10 years.

c) degrading and mocking our democratic institutions – institutions that have been the envy of the world such that other nations have modeled their own governments on ours.

d) panicking over the inevitable conclusion that his entire life story was a joke and a lie; he systematically obstructed justice, trying to shut down the Mueller investigation by firing his way out of the mess he, himself caused. Of note – HE NEVER ACTUALLY FIRED ANYONE. The self-declared “firer in chief” was a quivering coward going so far as directing someone outside the government to do the honors.

Mueller never cleared Trump of anything. He explicitly states that he will not indict a sitting president based on a “memo” written 40 years ago. A DOJ memo, by the way, which was authored by a US attorney trying like hell to get a criminal out of the line of succession (Spiro Agnew).
That was only part of the reason for not indicting this miserable excuse for an American citizen. Mueller states that to do so would “pre-empt” Congressional action (ie – impeachment & removal).

But let me say this: Trump’s actions while in office, PALE in comparison to what he, his family, and his campaign staff did while asking for your vote. Every single one of them KNEW that the Russians were interfering to help Trump and to defame Hillary Clinton. They were warned by our intelligence services that the Russians might try to infiltrate the campaign and they did NOTHING when said foreign adversary “gave them a hand.” Trump KNEW – he KNEW – that Wikileaks planned to drop emails, and not once did his campaign call the FBI. Not once. If you had done that, you’d be spending the night in federal prison.

Instead, they accepted the Russians’ assistance with glee and even developed a media strategy around said email dumps. This does not even scratch the surface of illicit behavior. And that is what makes me sad. Incredibly sad. This man – the guy who is appointing judges faster than I drink water such that he will have a generational impact on the federal court system (the system that protects our freedom, civil, & human rights) – couldn’t be bothered to pick up a fucking phone to call 911. Not him, not his adult children, not anyone else on that campaign.

He is absolutely an illegitimate president and now Congress – the Democratic Party – has to decide how to proceed. Democrats have to decide whether to impeach a president who is an ongoing threat to national security with the genuine possibility that the Republicans will do nothing. Democratic leaders have to weigh the political consequences (almost always negative) of proceeding with impeachment without bi-partisan support Trump could get re-elected.”

And that – that – is what makes me so sad.

Forgive errant grammar – I wrote quickly. -Amy

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