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No title or catchy phrase is appropriate tonight

I understand how many of you are feeling. Exhausted. Sad. Horrified. Maybe ready to just give up? I get it.
The thing is – we can’t. We just can’t. The media have a tendency to dramatize events and in some cases be a bit hyperbolic. “It can’t be that bad, can it? The liberal media are only showing us the bad stuff, right?”
In the last week, I’ve seen 2 specific events that I never – ever – thought I would see in the United States of America. First – I never thought I’d see a police officer kill a man on TV. Did you? Being a liberal – an informed one – I’m fully aware of the ongoing, systemic racism in our country and specifically in our law enforcement. But it happened off camera, followed by investigations and maybe, just maybe a little progress.
Second: I never thought I would see our publicly financed military go bat-shit crazy on American citizens. And yet – last night, protestors in Lafayette Park were gassed by our government.  It doesn’t matter why. 
Let me say that again:  Protesters in Lafayette Park were gassed by our government.  It happened just feet from the White House and Department of the Treasury.  It happened within walking distance of the National Mall and Capitol Hill.  
I’ve been to Lafayette Park many times. THERE ARE ALWAYS PROTESTERS IN LAFAYETTE PARK. Tear gas and flashbangs + violence. Right outside of the People’s House. Peaceful protestors exercising their first amendment rights. There’s a reason why the freedom of assembly & speech is in the first amendment. They are the most important.
I don’t give a shit about the. photo-op and publicity stunt. It’s a distraction from what our military did last night in our city: the People’s City. This is going to get worse. Today, I saw images of armed soldiers – dozens of them – standing on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. That should not happen here. Not in the United States of America.
In the last 4 years, I’ve been very careful about my feelings toward those that support the Republican Party and this President. We all have to live together after he’s gone, so I’ve tried not to personalize my anger. Some of you reading this post may be in this group: a supporter of the President and the Republican Party.
This last week has completely changed my perspective. The visceral anger I feel towards supporters of this man & his party is something I’ve never felt. You. Are Wrong. Wrong. You’ve been brainwashed – that’s the only word for it – brainwashed into believing that the Democrats are destroying America and the freedoms we all enjoy.  You’ve been told that conservative judges, lower taxes, and overturning Roe are worth eschewing every value you professed to believe.  You.  Are.  Wrong.  
They lied.  They all lied.  And I beg you to recognize what your support has wrought.  Call your Senator.  Call your Representatives.  Call the White House.  Join the protests.  And for God’s sake – stop voting for Republicans.  Just stop.  If you cannot bring yourself to vote for Democrats, then just stay home.  That’s where we are now.  Just stay home.  
We live in a democratic republic.  That means something in the arc of history.  If you are unable to recognize how far off we are from democratic republicanism, then please, just stay home. 
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