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The nonsensical drama over renaming military bases….

On the potential renaming of Ft. Bragg – North Carolina.

Apparently, we are all now in an uproar over renaming military installations originally named for Confederate Generals. Many feel that we are messing with history. “You can’t erase history else we continue to repeat it.” I’ve heard that a lot.  I’ve also heard the ‘maintaining culture and heritage’ arguments too.  
This rationale – in a word – is bullshit, especially when referencing Confederate war memorials. Let’s all remember the history: these memorials venerate white men who fought in an armed insurrection against the United States Constitution. Another word for this is TREASON.  These guys were criminals.  They were traitors.  
All of these “heroes” were pardoned once they recommitted to the Union, else they would have been shot by firing squad or hanged. This is the “heritage” these monuments celebrate. Oh – and the minor indecency of supporting “white supremacy.”
For those horrified by the idea we might rename taxpayer-funded United States military installations currently named for Confederate generals…… let’s take a look at one:
Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Named for General Braxton Bragg, commander of the Army of Tennessee. Generally known as the worst general in the Civil War, Bragg led thousands to their death in less than stellar “strategery” (ahhhhh, I do miss W.) eventually being routed by General Grant himself at Shiloh Tennessee.
He was, in a word: a loser.
There is of course more to Braxton than his military career, but again – it is his military career that we are memorializing at Fort Bragg North Carolina. A traitor – and a losing one at that.
Now – on the flip side, let’s look at:
Fort Grant (named for the obvious)
Fort Sherman (named for General William T. Sherman)
Fort Hooker (named for General Joseph Hooker)
Fort Burnside (named for General Ambrose Burnside)
Oh, wait. With the exception of Ft. Grant (FORMER military installation and now an Arizona state prison), none of these successful Union generals have an active military installation in their name. None. Yet each contributed to the successful defeat of the southern armed insurrection.
If you want to celebrate Braxton Bragg, do it on your own dime.  
Next up: Fort Hood.
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