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Category: Culture and Society

Posts about modern culture and social change.

21st Century Feminism

Like so many things, feminism has baffled me, specifically, why the word and movement seem to carry such a negative connotation – in 2017.  It is silly, really.  I have […]


2021 is the year that experts predict will see the passing of the World War II generation.   As of 2017, the Department of Veteran’s Affairs estimated that less than […]

Avoiding Tyranny – It Takes Work

Sophomore year of college I took a history course on Ancient Rome.   I liked the professor and so every Tuesday night from 6:00 – 8:50 p.m. I sat in […]

Tammy Wynette, Tea Bags and Baking

This post, or parts of it, has been twenty-five years in the making.   Unfortunately, it does not have the ending I wanted or the one America needed. But there […]


The history bug bit me in third grade.  In retrospect, it would have been more advantageous to have been attacked by an athletic germ; perhaps then I would not have […]


My friend Samantha is really really smart. She hired me into my current company (but that is not what makes her smart) and over the last several years I have […]

History Will Judge and So Will Our Kids

On November 4, 2008, America elected its first black president.   Like many Americans, I had watched the campaign from the beginning; from the Iowa caucuses to the nominating conventions, […]

Etched in Stone

When Carrie and I were growing up, our Grandma Johanning (Grandpa got credit too) gave us books for Christmas and birthdays. Sometimes we got magazine subscriptions but in those early […]