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Category: Commentary

Initial Reactions

I would love to understand AG Barr’s thought processes these last few weeks. His public statements about this report, while not outright lies, were incredibly “misleading.” I continue to work […]

Time for a conversation…..

Michael Moore said it best Friday night during his appearance on MSNBC’s The Last Word. Ali Velshi, sitting in for Lawrence O’Donnell had Moore for a late hour discussion on the upcoming […]

Russia, if you’re listening, the gig is up.

Friday nights used to be routine:  throughout the week, the White House Press Office would save all of its big and controversial announcements to literally “dump” them on the public […]

Yes Rudy, it was a campaign finance violation

I just finished, The Right to Vote:  The Contested History of Democracy in the United States by Alexander Keyssar.  A detailed and well-documented history of suffrage laws in the United States, Keyssar […]